Joining the Henry W. Putnam Circle

There is no better way to ensure the financial health of Southwestern Vermont Health Care than to include us in your estate plans. 

Once you have informed the SVHC Foundation of your intentions, you become a lifetime and cherished member of the Henry W. Putnam Circle.

The Circle is named in honor of our first benefactor, Henry W. Putnam, Sr., who deeded the Bennington Water Works to the Town of Bennington in 1912 "for the establishment of a public hospital." The Circle also pays tribute to his son, Henry W. Putnam, Jr., who supported the hospital with many gifts, followed by his $3 million bequest that today forms the nucleus of the endowment funds.

If you have remembered SVHC in your estate plans we invite you to become a member of the Henry W. Putnam Circle. Please fill out our confidential form to notify us of your intentions so we can honor and recognize you. Thank you! The Henry W. Putnam Circle Legacy Form

Henry W. Putnam Circle Society Members:

Anonymous (12)     Martha Mixter Heilemann
Mrs. Gloria Alexander     Leslie and Jess Heisler
Hilda M. Allen Estate of Richard Hyde
Estate of Arthur R. Armstrong     Elizabeth H. Jenney
Marie Barr Fredricka V. Kimball
Estate of Richard Benton Marny and Doug Krause
Estate of H. Payne Bingham Estate of Helen Kunzelmann
Margaret Bradford Charitable Remainder Trust Cheryl LaFlamme Rothman
Estate of Rosemary G. Brandli Mrs. Margaret Leake
Katie Ewald Brooks Dick and Peg Leake
Estate of Laura Burnham Jim and Pat Lee
Estate of Eunice Burrington Mrs. Charlotte G. Lefevre
Gerard and Geraldine Cambria Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lindsay
Estate of Helen Campbell Estate of Harold H. Macuen
Jane E. Childs Estate of Dorothy Marcols
Wendall Cram Estate of John S. McCormick Jr.
Estate of George J. Cushing Harlan Miller Trust
Estate of Susanne Dana Laraine B. Naaktgeboren
Estate of Loomis Dana Mark Novotny, MD
Amonda Davis Hope and Richard Owens
B. Whitman and Mary Dennison Edward Pelz
Estate of Ruth E. Dinse Robert A. Pezzulich
Estate of Peter F. Donavan Estate of Maurice E. Piche
Estate of Patricia J. Dupree Estate of Ruth Pinsker
Estate of Terry Ehrich Estate of Florence M. Pomeroy
Ruth Burt Ekstrom Estate of Kathleen Powers
Estate of Madeleine Fitzgerald Michael and Barbara Powers Charitable Trust
Estate of Blair M. Fletcher Estate of George Renner
Catharine O. Foster Estate of Peter Rosenthal
Mrs. John B. Foster Robert S. Ruhl
Thomas H. Foster Estate of Selma Sheridan
Estate of John W. Gage Estate of Joan M. Speiser
Estate of Ralph Gerstle Reverend and Mrs. Thomas D. Steffen
Estate of Elizabeth M. Gillette Laila L. Stout
Estate of May D. Goodman Estate of Edith Tschorn
Estate of Robert and Bertha Greene Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wallace
Dean F. Hanson Mary L. Wicker
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ziegler